Some, the bottom on the steel seal of approval contrast

Real cigarettes are created from different colours of aluminum, different layout, obvious good sense of toughness and distinct outline; Untrue smoke aluminum seal reliable depth in addition to relatively ripped arrangement.

All 5, the bottom on the trademark report contrast

Authentic cigarette underside printing applying red in addition to gold gradient technological know-how, the coloration origin dust Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Cartons are very good and modest gaps, this gold aspect from deeply gradually trivial; Fake fumes using everyday imitation technological know-how, its coloration origin dust thick in addition to large holes, gold aspect concentrated within a corner, there is absolutely Wholesale Cigarettes Store no gradual transform.

Six, glue form a contrast

Genuine cigarette smoking side glue history were some points, frequent, round; Bogus cigarette area glue history are rough spots, the gap between glue is usually irregular.

Several, filter rods comparison

The capacity of genuine cigarette smoking filter rods is 27mm; The capacity of the bogus smoke separate out Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Online rod is usually 23mm.

Seven, cut smoking cigarettes contrast

Authentic cigarette smoking cigarettes is older yellow, a silk filled duvet strip, comprising expanded smoking cigarettes, soft odor; The bogus tobacco seemed to be brown in addition to black, with a large number of final flavoring, strong stench.