The dragon doesn't breath normal fire, it rather breaths ice. This is a magical attack which may hit around 30. Even if no harm is caused the RS gold ice breath nevertheless holds you in position for 3 seconds. The dragon could stamp its feet, this cracks the ice but does greater damage to the roofing, boulders rain back on every player as a range attack inducing up to 15 damage. The dragon is very weak against fire attacks. So its a hard monster for f2p, should not provide to much trouble for p2p.

These items are introduced for a couple reasons: They're unlikely to be employed by members. They are desinged to balance the f2p battle triangle. Staff lets mages hold opponents easier, and gain a small attack boost against rangers. Also a slight damage increase, but less likely to strike. Warhammer should deal with tanks and deliver a little bit of p2p excitment of killing people a bit more fast... Mantle has reduced defences but provides a higher range attack permitting rangers hit higher.

I have some ideas that I think would be wonderful to be added to the present abilities Even though im nonmember, the majority of them are just for members. Agility: Being able to dodge attack[no harm, not even 0s]. It would make sense, sinse the more agile you are the easier you can dodge them. The 0s mean you were hit..but it didnt harm you.

New Fishes like pomfret, snapper just for fun [I sound like a chef I guess] Crafting: Being able to Tan leathers yourself in your workshop. Creating clothes. Crafting Sculptures. Farmings: Whats farming if you cannot farm wheat or other cereals.

And bury them together with a few items along with you. Thieving. Being able to steal from the lockers or torso in Banks. Mining: Mining Rocks like Basalt, Marble. The main reason why I left this into subject. The sticky is for brand new things or suggesting completely new ability. Most here are not just new items available. I suggest we be able to make them. Theres no rule mentioning that I cant make matters asking for developments in skills.I hope you enjoy them. More will come in the hours to come. If you folks want, I can explain them detailed.

Things Me And My Buddy Thought They Should Add

God Bows: Maybe they could make god bows. So when you reach 60 you have more bows to chose from except dark bow. Some examples..Zamorak, Saradomin, Guthix. And perhaps they could add crossbows as well... Poison Whips. Maybe a whip which does toxin together with cheap RuneScape gold the normal whip damage. Battle of (Jagex creates the title )